Honeymoon Holidays by Aspasia Maldives

Maldives is often top- listed as the hub of romantic getaways and this is not an overstatement. A country having purity embossed in every corner of its landscape and where cultural heritage and exotic locales are carefully guarded from the onslaughts of western consumerism surely promises eternal romantic bliss. For Honeymooners eager to indulge in the divine beauty of Maldives here is a compilation of Maldives’ most luxurious resorts where nature meets urban concepts guaranteeing a perfect start for a new phase of life.

What could be a more exciting and romantic destination than these islands of Maldives lying at the end of the world between the infinite horizon of the deep blue sky and the warm crystal-clear waters of the tropical ocean - these islands so far from the hectic pace of smoggy cities, caressed by the trade winds that rustle the palm trees and rocked by the incessant rhythm of the waves? These are the islands of love, the Gardens of Delights tasted by the first couple on earth. Wouldn\'t this be the ideal place to let your love grow?

Royal Island Resort & Spa

Royal Island Resort & Spa...